Downstream demand and development trend forecast of die and mould industry

Plastic extrusion molding industry mold is an important part of equipment manufacturing industry and precision manufacturing equipment. The shape of the die is complex, which has high requirements for structural strength, stiffness, surface hardness, surface roughness and machining accuracy. Mold forming has the advantages of high production efficiency, high consistency, low energy consumption, low material consumption and high precision. It is widely used in the fields of automobile, electronics, building materials, medical treatment, aerospace, semiconductor and so on. It is mainly used for the efficient and mass production of relevant parts and components in industrial products. The level of mold design and manufacturing directly affects the production cost, production efficiency, product accuracy and service life of relevant parts and components to a certain extent.


The design and manufacturing of precision molds have high technical content, which is based on the overall design ability and equipment process level. Then, various high-quality mold materials are selected according to the application field, and relevant mold accessories are manufactured by using precision CNC machine tools, slow wire walking and other high-precision processing equipment, which are assembled by professional mold engineers, Some precision molds will be tested in the early stage of development. Dimensional accuracy is an important factor in manufacturing high-precision, high-quality and high-tech mold products. Enterprises with precision mold manufacturing ability usually have a high level of mold design and manufacturing technology. At present, China has developed a number of companies specializing in high-precision mold manufacturing, but in the field with the highest precision requirements, there is still a certain gap between domestic molds and high-end molds in the international market.


1. Analysis on downstream demand market of plastic extrusion mold industry


Plastic extrusion mold is mainly used to produce plastic profile products with continuous shape. It is the core part of extrusion production. The technical accuracy of plastic extrusion mold is directly related to the efficiency and stability of extrusion production, the quality of extruded products and the service life of the mold itself. Therefore, the design and technical level of plastic extrusion die are at the core of plastic profile extrusion production. The downstream equipment of plastic extrusion molding is an indispensable part of the plastic extrusion production line. Its design accuracy, operation stability, intelligence and fit with the plastic extrusion molding die directly affect the efficiency and product quality of plastic extrusion molding production. It is an important part of the production link of plastic extrusion molding.


In 2020, the scale of China’s plastic extrusion molds and related downstream equipment industry exceeded 10000 units (sets). On the whole, the market concentration of plastic extrusion molds and downstream equipment in China is not high.


With the increasingly refined and specialized division of labor and the continuous upgrading of the industrial chain, the supply situation of plastic extrusion molds and downstream equipment for key manufacturing equipment by major door and window profile manufacturers in Europe and America is also changing, and they are gradually changing from the self-made supply situation of subordinate mold manufacturers to the procurement from professional equipment manufacturers. The change of the above supply situation will bring great development opportunities for plastic extrusion mold and downstream equipment manufacturing enterprises with strong market competitiveness, excellent product quality, high technical level and certain international brand effect to enter the international market and participate in the competition. In addition, with the rise of China’s equipment manufacturing industry, the market pattern dominated by a few oligarchs in Europe and America in the world plastic extrusion die industry is undergoing significant changes. From 2018 to 2020, the sales of plastic extrusion molds and downstream equipment of Greiner extrusion in Austria, the world’s leading brand of plastic extrusion molds and downstream equipment, were 80 million euros, 78 million euros and 68 million euros respectively, competing with world-class brands, Seizing the high-end market will also become the development goal of domestic plastic extrusion equipment manufacturing enterprises.


2. Future development trend of plastic extrusion mold industry


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Future development trend of plastic extrusion molding die industry (1) plastic extrusion molding equipment is developing in the direction of large wall thickness, multi chamber, high precision, high efficiency and low energy consumption


At present, passive houses are more and more widely used. In the future, plastic doors and windows will continue to occupy a large energy-saving door and window market with their excellent thermal insulation performance, simpler design and manufacturing and other physical characteristics. The geometric requirements of plastic profile section are becoming more and more complex in the market. Plastic extrusion equipment will develop in the direction of large wall thickness and multi chamber. At the same time, the market has higher and higher requirements for the physical properties and surface quality of plastic profiles. Therefore, higher requirements are put forward for plastic extrusion equipment manufacturing enterprises. Plastic extrusion equipment will develop in the direction of high precision, high efficiency and low energy consumption.


(2) The co extrusion technology of new composite materials must be improved in plastic extrusion equipment


In the field of plastic extrusion, the composite technology based on the physical and chemical properties of materials is developing faster and faster. Composites often have more advantages than traditional materials in specific properties and specific application performance. In the future, more and more new composite materials will gradually emerge, such as plastic and wood composites, plastic and aluminum composites, etc. new composite coextrusion technology also puts forward higher requirements for plastic extrusion equipment manufacturing enterprises.


(3) The intelligent degree of plastic extrusion equipment will continue to improve


At present, the degree of digital management, automation and intelligence in the production of plastic extrusion products needs to be improved. Combined with the development trend of the industry, the production workshop of plastic extrusion products will develop towards an unmanned chemical plant, that is, the whole production process from plastic extrusion production to automatic packaging and automatic storage will be more automated and integrated, and through the application of more intelligent modules, It greatly improves the production efficiency, realizes the automatic control and unmanned production process, saves labor cost, and puts forward higher requirements for the intelligence of plastic extrusion equipment.

Post time: Jan-04-2022