Information / How Solar Works

Your Solar System Is Comprised Of 2 Main Parts: Solar Panels And Inverters. Each Component Comes In Varying Degrees Of Efficiency And Reliabiity. Knowing The Technologies Available Is Key To Maximizing Your Energy Investment. Here Is A Breakdown Of What Is On The Market:


These Panels Have Been Around The Longest And Have Proven To Be The Most Reliable And Have The Longest Life Span. They Rank The Highest In Energy Efficiency Out Of All The Options Currently Available.

Comparable To Monocrystaline In Regards To Life Span, Although They Are Not As Efficient.

Thin Film Transistor (TFT)
These Panels Are The Newest Development In Solar Technology But Have Undetermined Life Expectancy And Are The Least Efficient Panel On The Market. These Panels Also Contain Cadmium, Which Is Toxic For The Environment And Must Be Disposed Of By A Certified Waste Company.


Micro Inverter 
Inverters Help Your Panels Convert The Solar Energy Into Viable Energy For Your Home Use. These Micro Inverters Maximize Panel Efficiency, Harvesting Up To 30% More Power From Your Panels Than Standard Inverters. With A MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) Of Over 100 Years, And The Longest Warranty In The Industry, These Inverters Are The Best Currently Available.

Standard Inverter

This Inverter Is What Is Most Commonly Used On Solar Panels. It Does Not Provide Extra Efficiency For The Panels, And Must Be Replaced Approximately Every 10 Years.

Tesla Solar Offers Monocrystaline Panels And Micro Inverters As An Installation Option So That You May Get The Most Out Of Your System. We Believe In Using Superior Products For Maximum Results.