Information / FAQ Will Solar Work On My Home Or Business?

The Two Biggest Factors Are The Amount Of Southern-Exposure Sunlight You Get Throughout The Day And The Amount Of Open Roof Space You Have. We Can Give You A Quick Assessment By Looking At Satellite Photos Of Your Property. We Then Schedule A Follow-Up Free Solar Consultation Where One Of Our Experts Will Survey Your Site To Evaluate If A Solar Power System Will Fit With Your Architecture And Meet Your Energy Needs.

Will I Need To Adapt My Home Or Business To Run On Solar Power?

No. Solar Power Electric Systems Fit Effortlessly Into Your Home Or Office. You Won’t Have To Change Your Electrical Outlets Because Everything Will Work Just The Same As It Did Before. The Only Change You Will Notice Is A Lower Electric Bill!

No More Huge Utility Bill? Are You Sure?

Yes! When You Begin To Generate Your Own Solar Power, Your Electricity Bill Will Drop Dramatically. How Much You Can Save Will Depend On The Size Of Your Solar System And Your Electricity Usage. When Your System Generates More Electricity Than Your Building Can Immediately Use, Your Excess Power Flows Back To The Utility Grid And Your Meter Will  Actually Spin Backward!

Should I Wait For New Technology?

No, Now Is Really The Best Time To Invest In A Solar System With The Combination Of Technology And Cost. The Underling Benefit Of Turning Sunlight Into Electricity Will Not Change For As Long As We Still Use Electricity To Power Our Homes And Businesses! We Never Stop Evaluating New Technology And Will Only Offer It To Our Customers Once We Are Convinced It Is A Reliable And Cost Effective Option For Our Customers.

The Other Key Component In Evaluating The Right Time To Install Solar Is Government Incentives. Federal And State Governments Are Currently Offering Generous Rebates And Incentives To Go Solar; However, These Programs Are Designed To Reward Early Adopters Of Solar Power, So The Rebate Amount Per Project Continues To Drop Dramatically As The Allotted Funds Are Consumed. The Sooner You Purchase Your System, The More Incentive You Can Get Back From These Rebates.

What Size System Do I Need?

Every Home And Business Is Different, So The Size Of Your System Will Depend On Your Energy Needs, Roof Space And Solar Goals. Residential Solar Systems Are Typically 3-10 KW. We Will Work With You To Create A Custom Design That Will Fit All Of Your Energy Needs.

What Maintenance Is Required?

Solar Energy Systems Require Very Little Maintenance. We Monitor The Efficiency Of Your System 24 Hours A Day, 7 Days A Week, And If There Is Ever A Problem With A Panel Or Inverter, We Are Notified Immediately Through The Online Monitoring That Comes With Your System And We Can Have A Repair Crew Out To Your Home Immediately. All Cleaning And Repair Work Is Included In Your Lease Contract.

How Reliable Is Solar Power?

Solar Power Today Powers Some Of The Biggest Companies In The World, Such As Google, EBay And FexEx. Our Solar Systems Will Last You Generations To Come Without Needing Replacements.

Do I Need A Battery Back-Up System?

No. Battery Systems Are Expensive And Are Not Recommended. All Tesla Solar Systems Are Connected To The Utility Grid So You Always Have Access To A Power Source. You Never Have To Worry About “Running Out” Of Power.

What Happens If There Is A Black Out?

In The Event Of A Black Out, Your System Is Designed To Turn Off. This Is A Safety Requirement By The Utility Company So That Their Technicians Can Safely Repair Down Electrical Lines.

How Long Will A Solar System Last?

Every Product We Use, From Panels To Inverters, Has The Longest Warranty On The Market. Our Panels Are Guaranteed For 25 Years, And The Inverters Have A 15 Your Warranty. Although, The Testing Done On Both The Panels And Inverters Proves Them To Last 30 Years Or More.

Is It Difficult To Switch Over To Solar Power?

No. Tesla Solar Will Make Your Transition Seamless. We Will Get Your Solar System Up And Running As Quickly As Possible. Most Installations Take 3-5 Business Days.

How Long Will It Take To Get My New Solar System Up And Running?

A Typical Residential Roof Installation Takes About 3-5 Days And A Typical Commercial Installation Takes About 1-3 Weeks From The Day We Begin The Installation. The Length Of Time Depends On The Complexity Of Your Roof And The Number Of Panels That Will Be Installed. We Will Present You With An Estimated Completion Time In Our Proposal.

What Kind Of Permits Are Needed To Meet Local Building Codes?

Tesla Solar Will Obtain All Building Permits And Design Your System To Meet Your Local Building Codes. We’ll Arrange The Electrical, Building And Utility Inspections And Be On-Site To Make Sure That Everything Is Up To Code. Tesla Solar Will Handle Any And All Requirements To Ensure Job Completion.

What If My Roof Needs Repairs After I’ve Installed Solar Panels?

Ideally, You Should Install Solar Panels On A Roof That Is In Good Condition. When Our Team Member Comes Out To Inspect Your Roof Prior To Installation, They Will Check To Make Sure That Your Roof Is Suitable For A Solar Installation. If There Are Any Areas Of Your Roof That Had Damage Or Need Attention Prior To Installation, Our Representative Will Notify You Before The Job Is Started And Will Discuss Repair Options. If The Roof Needs Repairs Underneath Where The System Is Located, The Solar Panels Will Need To Be Removed. Tesla Solar Will Provide This Service.